About Us

Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, Genvira Biosciences builds innovative viral based biotherapeutics. We specialize in viral vector engineering for cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy, and vaccines. 

Working with Canadian and international clients, Genvira Biosciences designs, constructs, and characterizes customized DNA and RNA viruses. With our world-leading proprietary engineering technology, we efficiently deliver high-quality vectors with great viral stability to our clients at various stages of clinical development. 

Our Commitment

Genvira’s viral engineers will help you cross the finish line to approval - faster, smoother, and safer. Whether you need the extra bench strength to help complete a project or prefer our team to co-develop or create a product from scratch, our flexibility can help you reach your goals.  

Our commitment is efficiently delivering high-quality vectors with great viral stability at any stages of clinical development.​

Our highly experienced and diligent team are dedicated to serving your unique needs and will help you cross the finish line to approval - faster, smoother, and safer.